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NVX 5100 2nd Generation Best-ever high-precision vertical machining center Max. X travels 1,050 mm Max. Y travels 530 mm Max. Z travels 510 mm Max. table load 1,200 kg Table length 1,350 mm Table width 600 mm Control & software alternatives CELOS/MAPPS  

Our new facility is opened. We’re excited to announce that our new working environment is finally operational. And we are glad that we are going to be able to offer our customers more production capabilities than before. The construction of this 1000m2 building was realised in 2019-20 as a product of the development of our[…]

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This year’s visit to the HAAS manufacturing facility, organized by Teximp company was held in mid October. It was a conceived as whole day visit, and it started with the presentation of the newest machines, as well as HAAS vision of the company future and innovations which are yet to come. Slika: Haas fabrika Together[…]

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designing and prototyping

HddsMachining owns licensed CAD and CAM software from the AutoDesk company which enables us to go through all the phases of design and modeling. AutoDesk Inventor + HSM is a complete solution which rounds up all the processes involved with engineering activities before the production, starting with the development of the 3D model of the[…]

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Manufacturing is a dynamic process and its success depends on a large number of factors and parameters. Surely, the level of technical knowledge and experience is decisive, but you can never rule out creativity and teamwork. Synergy of these factors results in an optimized process and raises the overall quality, both the product’s and of[…]

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