HAAS ST20SSY – CNC Lathe (Y-Axis & Live Tooling)

Just like ST10Y, the ST20SSY Y-Axis & Live Tooling lathe is also in the group of machines which are optimized for the production of small to medium series of parts.

Technical characteristics:

Maximum cutting length521mm
Maximum cutting radius254mm
Chuck size210mm
Bar capacity51mm
Number of turret slots24

ST20SSY has several elements which ST10Y doesn’t:

Part catcher (catches the part after parting off operation is finished)
High-pressure coolant (69bar/1000PSI) – enables further cooling of the cutting zone, making more aggressive cutting regimes possible, shortening the production cycle periods.
24 turret slots

However, ST20SSY does not come with a pressure regulator, while ST10Y does. This could cause a problem when it is necessary to integrate this machine to an already existing system, so you need to keep in mind that the pressure regulator is necessary.


In it’s name, “SS-Super speed” stands for higher speed of rapids (auxiliary machine movement), making the machine faster and more productive.

In the end, it is worth mentioning that there is a difference in power between ST10Y and ST20SSY machines equaling almost 16KW.