HAAS ST10Y – CNC Lathe (Millturn)

HAAS ST10Y, 3.5 axis CNC lathe, is classified in a group of machines from the last generation of this type. These machines are intended for production of small to medium series of parts.

Technical characteristics:

Maximum cutting length 356mm
Maximum cutting radius 286mm
Chuck size 165mm
Bar capacity 44mm
Number of turret slots 12
Live tool speed 6.000 RPM
Main spindle speed 6.000 RPM

CNC lathe ST10Y is designed so it’s control is done without direct influence of the operator.



Instead, the machine enables the use of computer generated optimal tool trajectories which achieves higher precision of the machined parts.

The ST10Y belongs in the mill-turn machine group, which means that besides general turning operations, it can perform milling operations too.

It supports the use of Live Tooling which greatly increases the array of parts which can be machined on it.

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