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We offer the service of metal processing with EDM wire cutter

EDM wire cutter

Mitsubishi MV1200S

EDM is very popular for the production of tools and molds due to its applicability especially for hard materials or complex shapes that are difficult to achieve with conventional processing methods.

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Mitsubishi – MV1200S

Maximum travel on the X axis400mm
Maximum travel on the Y axis300mm
Maximum travel on the Z axis220mm
Possibility of placing the wire at a certain angle depending on the height of the piece15˚ na 200mm, or 30˚ na 87mm
Maximum dimensions of the workpiece810x700x215mm
Maximum weight workpiece500kg
Workbench dimensions640x540mm
Wire diameter that can be used0,1-0,3mm

EDM wire cutter of the latest generation, highly precise, with the possibility of eroding in the standard X Y plane as well as the possibility of using the U V plane (wire bevel) to process pieces of more complex geometry. High precision is obtained by using unique magnetic guides. This technology grants positioning accuracy over a long period of time as bearing wear in linear guides is eliminated.