Visit to the HAAS Automation manufacturing facility

This year’s visit to the HAAS manufacturing facility, organized by Teximp company was held in mid October.

It was a conceived as whole day visit, and it started with the presentation of the newest machines, as well as HAAS vision of the company future and innovations which are yet to come.

Slika: Haas fabrika

Together with the newest machines, a VF mill with the serial number “1” could be seen in the HAAS showroom.

It’s name – VF, which is kept to this day for the machines of the same type, stands for “very first“.

Photo: VF mill

It’s body is made of plastic, dimensions small and it’s machining capabilities far from its successors, but it stands as a clear example of the philosophy on which HAAS has built its brand – machines available to anyone, capable of performing high precision machining.

The factory tour followed, starting with the administrative offices, and then through the manufacturing and assembly areas, walking on the catwalk, high above the machine level, giving a great perspective of the size of the plant and the complexity of the manufacturing processes and logistics involved.

Photo : Group from Serbia

Our group then had a guide assigned, and the tour was continued riding a small vehicle through the factory halls, while the guide explained which parts of the manufacturing or assembly processes were performed in the area we were being driven through.

The tour was concluded with a traditional American barbecue, exchanging expressions and the newly gained knowledge in a friendly atmosphere.

Miloš Petrović