Measuring and quality control

Measuring and quality control

Satisfaction of our clients is paramount in high precision manufacturing. We have implemented a system of quality control and measuring to meet highest possible level of production quality. Immediately after fabrication parts are sent for detailed inspection into a specially equipped measuring department which uses modern measuring devices as well as special CMM machine to achieve required levels for standard and non-standard measurements.

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Measuring area ** X-Axis [mm] 600 700 800 900
Y-Axis [mm] 500 500 500 500
Z-Axis [mm] 400 400 400 400
Working height [mm] 850
Overall Dim length [1] [mm] 1360 1460 1560 1660
width [w] [mm] 1035
height [h] [mm] 2235
Mesuring accuracy according to 2,2+(L/350)*
ISO 10360-2
MPEe in [µm]
MPEp in [µm]
Resolution [mm] 0,0005
Speed [mm/s] 0 to 80
to 300/530
adjusting operation
standard measuring operation
Acceleration [mm/s²]: axis 1400
vector 2000
550 600 800 950
Weight [kg]
Max. wight of workpieces [kg] 450 480 500 550
Power input [W] 500W
Operational voltage [V, Hz] 110/220V, 50/60Hz
20°C ± 2°C
Operating temperature max. 1°C /h
1,5°C /day
Air Consumption [1/min] 251/min
class 2
by air pressure 6-8 bar
air quality according to ISO8573
Measuring and quality
Measuring and quality