Designing and prototyping services

HDDSMachining has years of experience in field of reverse engineering. The reverse engineering process involves measuring the of objects and reconstructing their 3D models.

We provide design technology design services (CNC machine programming). The programming service for CNC machines and machining centers is performed by experienced developers who will provide you with optimal use of resources and maximum productivity.

The process of writing a program for CNC machines is preceded by the development of the project and technical documentation, as well as the collection of data on clamping and cutting tools, the machine itself and operating modes.

The project development service includes finding the optimal conceptual solution, elaboration of technology, defining materials, tools, sequence of work and mode of operation. Based on the project and project documentation, the process of writing a program for CNC machines is approached.

We offer a design service for the production of prototypes and alternative solutions according to the client’s documentation.

Prototyping is suitable in cases when it is necessary to check the functionality of the developed model and determine possible discrepancies between the technical documentation and the desired solution.

Prototyping involves the individual production of a small number of unique pieces intended for the last phase – testing. This saves material resources and time that would be used to create a trial series.

HDDSMachining together with the client defines the prototype documentation and possible variations in order to predict and minimize all subsequent operations.

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