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HAAS ST10Y, 3.5 axis CNC Y-Axis & Live Tooling lathe, is classified in a group of machines from the last generation of this type. These machines are intended for production of small to medium series of parts. Technical characteristics: Maximum cutting length 356mm Maximum cutting radius 286mm Chuck size 165mm Bar capacity 44mm Number of[…]

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designing and prototyping

HddsMachining owns licensed CAD and CAM software from the AutoDesk company which enables us to go through all the phases of design and modeling. AutoDesk Inventor + HSM is a complete solution which rounds up all the processes involved with engineering activities before the production, starting with the development of the 3D model of the[…]

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Manufacturing is a dynamic process and its success depends on a large number of factors and parameters. Surely, the level of technical knowledge and experience is decisive, but you can never rule out creativity and teamwork. Synergy of these factors results in an optimized process and raises the overall quality, both the product’s and of[…]

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